Sunday, February 26, 2017

February 26. Day 57. The knives are out

I still remember my first Tupperware party. I was in my early teens when our neighbour invited us. Bizarrely, I even remember the ice breaker. Find a way to describe your ideal self using the first letter of your name. As I recall I said: "I'm Susan and I want to be sexy". Asked the same thing today and I'd say: "I'm Susan and I want to be sleeping". How times change. Then there was a time when Drama Teen was but a Drama Toddler when I was at a Tupperware party almost every weekend. Everyone in the day care centre was hosting a party to ensure the person before them received free gifts. With small children none of us got out much so we made the most of our free passes and they became late and boozy nights. I think our husbands started to suspect that Tupperware Party was the name of a bar in town as in "I'm off to a Tupperware Party". But it's been a long time between drinks (and by drinks I mean a party plan party). But you know how it never rains but it pours? Today I accepted invites to not one but two parties - Tupperware in the morning and a Lorraine Lea linen party in the afternoon. Now to be clear I have no problems with the products. Until today I was not familiar with Lorraine Lea but I am a big Tupperware fan. And I love a party but I don't much like it when the two mix. More champagne less hard sell, I say.
Despite this, I agreed to host a party. I was told I shouldn't invite people with the line "I'm having a Tupperware Party. Please come but you don't have to buy anything and you won't have to have a party". Let's be honest, that's what everyone says. So who wants to come to my party? March 8. 7pm. Be there.

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