Monday, February 6, 2017

February 6. Day 36. Life saver

I hadn't even walked into this morning's CPR training when I thought I might need first aid. My phone rang with my neighbour announcing both my dogs had escaped and they were heading around the block. Anyone who knows me knows my dogs are family. When your family is under threat, so are you. I started to head home knowing that by the time I got there they would probably have been recaptured or run over. Fortunately it was option one. I was back in the training room before the course kicked off. I suspect the trainer looked at me and began eyeing off the defibrillator in case I needed it. Less than four hours later I was out of the training room with my CPR training certificate successfully renewed. I always find CPR provides scares and comfort in equal measure. It's comforting to know you could help. It's terrifying when you hold an infant mannequin in your arms and imagine having to deal with a limp baby in real life. And then I was home my lips raw, swollen and bruised. Great CPR could kill me due to a previously unrecognised latex allergy. My mother always warned me about kissing dummies. Seems she was right.

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