Thursday, October 9, 2014

October 9. Day 282. Music to my ears

 Music is like cake.
It is food for the soul and like cake
1) there is a variety for every mood, for every season, for every time of day or day of the week (unfortunately for my waistline I am a comfort eater and not one of those people who are too depressed to eat)
2) While I love it, I am completely crap at making it. It is true, I was in a recorder band about age 12. Doubtless my neighbours and the congregation at the church were I played were pleased when this stopped. Neither the recorder nor the church and I have a relationship any more but I still love music I just prefer it when it is made by those with skill.
And I love it when it is performed live and with passion. This is why I love the spirit of  Andy Ward who was conducting at QUT Kelvin Grove today in a display of student talent.
You could almost see the music soar through him in an emotional reaction much like me with my friend the chocolate cake (the musicians and the one with calories). It was all music for my ears

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