Saturday, October 11, 2014

October 10. Day 293. Parking problem

           I did it in the Year 2000 and perhaps because I got away with it repeated the exercise in 2001. Scores of people came - my relatives as well as toddlers, babies and their big people. Wildly subversive affairs in council parks for a 2nd and then 3rd birthday both with too much sugar and food colouring. In one there was even a cake in the shape of a pirate and little loot bags filled with chocolate coins. Such behaviour clearly can not go unpunished, well not now. Today was the last day for public comment on a plan to change people to hold gatherings in council parks, If the plan goes ahead, you'll have to pay $300 for an advance permit or face the risk of a $5000 if you hold a gathering of 50 people or more in a park. Now 50 people might seem a lot but a family reunion or class party were parents and siblings come along easily pushes you into that territory. It just seems wrong, and I'm not the only one who thinks so. On my afternoon walk with Rumple, I found my way to Musgrave Park where the Queensland Greens were holding The Last Big Picnic to protest the plans. The call went out to "Bring your slacklines, hoola hoops, frisbees, musical instruments, and of course, your picnic blankets" and they did. Far more than 50 of them, with a most valid point to make. It's not that I have a problem with regulating the use of parks - it is perhaps inevitable and a fair way of keeping parks clear and safe for all - but needing a permit for a child's party or family gathering seems insane. It's not a done deal yet. Here's hoping it won't be.

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