Tuesday, October 7, 2014

October 7. Day 280. Before and after

Don't you just love the before and after photo shoot? I do. Whether it be the final minutes of Trinny and Sussanah, the female politician on the cover of Woman's Weekly or the home on Selling Houses that transforms from something that should be condemned to a million dollar pad. I love the transformation show. Which is why I don't understand why there isn't a reality television show devoted to canine clipping. I have your first subject right here. After a week on the beach Rumple looked like a pound dog and those dead fish he's been rolling in on the sand had certainly rubbed off on him, quite literally. But after five hours in Grand Designs Dog Grooming, the fur friend looked like the pageant prince he should be. The most impressive thing about all of this is not how good the grooming is - that's what I pay for - but how much he obviously loves the experience. He didn't get the mirror and hot towel to end the treatment but I reckon he knows just how good he looks. He's a model subject, that one.

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