Thursday, October 23, 2014

October 23. Day 296. Living on the edge

Just after midnight it hit me. Jumping off a bridge even with a harness is intensely stupid. It is a bloody long way down. Some people, like the bloke water blasting the roof down the road this morning, have good reason to be perched at a great height with only a safety line for protection. My day job allows me to stay much closer to the ground. Heights are totally not an occupational hazard. Marking is my biggest occupational hazard thrill. But I volunteered for the Goodwill Bridge Swing and with hundreds of $$$$ in sponsorship for Save the Children I will have to just close my eyes and leap. In any event, falling is something I am quite accomplished at.
So as the clock ticks down to the big jump at 4pm tomorrow, the prize for the best comment goes to my neighbour Margaret who said she would come and watch but the jump clashes with The Bold and the Beautiful.

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