Saturday, October 4, 2014

October 4. Day 277. Man's best friend

Dogs make the best pets. They just do. I know cat people will say the same about their feline friends but I will have none of it and there are far too many reasons for this crazy dog lady to list why this is so. But there is one trump card, and that is of all the domesticated animals none makes a better walking companion than a dog, or so I thought until I met Noel today. It was another glorious day in beach paradise and Rumple and I were walking down the beach at Coolum when we met Noel and his two birds having their daily stroll. He introduced me to Beefer 1 and 2 "B for Bird, get it?" he said. Noel volunteered that he'd lived with birds in the Coolum Beach caravan park for eight years. His first bird was called Uno. "People would ask his name and I'd say 'Uno' and they'd say 'know I don't know" Noel joked. "It really confused foreigners". Yep, he was a character all right, just one of the colourful folk that make a day at the beach so enjoyable. Today's short list of excellent also included the young bloke flipping on Noosa beach and the fabulous sand art of SandShapers. Like I said, paradise, especially when you have a dog to share it with.

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