Friday, October 3, 2014

October 3. Day 276. Fur friends

Some recent research revealed that dogs have an intelligence level equivalent to a six month old baby.
As someone who works in the research sector it would be most inappropriate to cast doubt on rigorous scholarly activity. So I won't. Instead I will say that I have obviously had dumb children or smart dogs. Or there are different measures of intelligence.
Certainly, I have never had a six-month-old who is
1) toilet trained
2) able to knock on every door of the house to muster "volunteers" for a morning walk on the beach or
3) capable of collecting a ball, dropping it at my feet and then ramming it into my leg if I fail to respond to a game of fetch with sufficient speed
I also doubt few if any six-month-old bubs recognise what the beach means from the second the water is spotted. For Rumple the beach is pure pleasure and for that and so many other reasons I love him. And for Rumple it's even better with a friend, especially when that's his bestie The Fed.
And really if humans are so smart how come the only ones willing to accompany me on the beach for a pre-breakfast walk this morning were the dogs? I think, however, neither dog was complaining. They had all the company they needed.

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