Friday, October 31, 2014

October 30. Day 303. Storm clouds

It could be the unseasonably disgusting weather. It may be sunny but being feeling hot and bothered and sticky, sweaty and stinky are quite frankly not at all conducive to a sunny disposition. I rather suspect the dark clouds gathering around my place, however, are far more to do with the calendar than the thermometer. The jacarandas are in full bloom and that means only one thing - it's final exam time. In a household where two of the three human occupants have lives ruled by the academic calendar that's never a good thing. It's not too good for the other human or canine either but they have learned to hide or keep their mouths shut. I just try to remember to try keep my cool, factor in time to walk the dog and be sure to never appear too busy to listen to Drama Teen (even if I am). Senior school sucks but it will pass and hot sunny days will feel far less of an imposition when we hit the beach in December

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