Monday, October 27, 2014

October 27. Day 300. Hot in the city tonight

I hope there is a really tasteless shirt or stupid hat. The G20 circus is heading to town and signs of the circus tent being erected are everywhere in my neck of the woods which is scarily close to ground zero. The whole city has every sign of behaving like a woman preparing for a rare visit from her mother-in-law; scarily rabid preparations making sure everything looks "nice". And if "nice" is the aim then my report card would be A+ for exceeds expectations . After the extreme heat during the day, the new lights over the city were refreshingly gorgeous at 11pm. Now it's up to the members of the approaching roadshow to return the favour. The least they can do is dress in some bright garb that seems almost compulsory in such international gatherings. And please no polyester blends. If the unseasonal heat remains only natural fibres will do. We all need to present ourselves looking our best.

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