Thursday, October 16, 2014

October 16. Day 289. Taken for a ride

Sure exercising your brain makes you smarter but too much of it in one session and you start feeling brain dead. So it was this afternoon. Too much staring at the screen watching the cursor flash and not move anywhere near as fast as one would like is a sure fire sign it is time to back off for a bit. Fresh air, sunshine and exercise is clearly required. Well two out of three ain't bad. The fur friend and I had barely set out on the walk when we ran into Jason So in his Goodwill Bike Co electric tricycle. The sign that you paid only what you thought the trip was worth, his big smile and the fact that he promised to welcome both Rumple and myself on board convinced me to be taken for a ride. During the journey, he waved at passers by and we chatted. Turns out that Jason completed his high schooling at State High studied finance at QUT. Two things stuck out about the university years
1) he learned to hate the walk across the Goodwill Bridge on hot summer's days and wished there was an easier way
2) Entrepreneurship was the subject at university that appealed to him the most.
So he combined the two, imported the electric tricycle and started the the Goodwill Bike Co business. As the bike is only powered by the pedals 30 per cent of the time, he can devote most of his energy to chatting and ensuring the passengers have an enjoyable ride. Clearly it's a job he is well suited to. At the end of the ride I handed over a crisp $20 and I think we both walked away happy with the deal.

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