Saturday, October 18, 2014

October 18. Day 291. Neon lights

For a short while this afternoon I thought I was in the Underground Nightclub circa 1983. It is entirely possible my mind wouldo also have been transported back to a gymnasium in the Olivia Newton John Let's Get Physical period  but I never entered a gym in the days of leg warmers and flouro tights for safety reasons. But in any event I felt over-dressed or under dressed or like the only person who didn't see the fancy dress clause on the party invitation. It was a rare Saturday when I had to GO to work, as in go into the office. Many a Saturday and Sunday I am glued to a bundle of marking or a computer screen but normally I am doing so in the privacy of my own home in my PJs or sports gear. But today I was invited to be part of a panel discussion in front of a visiting Indian media delegation and while it was a relatively informal affair I rather suspected culturally and in every other way my PJs - even the good ones - might have been deemed inappropriate. So I did the whole work clothes, hair and make-up thing and went to work. The rest of the city looked far more laid back. The closer I walked to the Goodwill Bridge, the more it appeared like a giant box of highlighter pens had leaked over everyone and everything. In the end, I just had to ask. Turns out these were competitors turning up for the anti depression charity Beyond Blue fundraising twilight run. Because every charity event needs a theme, this one was the Neon Run and the participants were well and truly getting into the spirit of it. And good for them. Shining the light on depression - even if it looks like a bright disco light - has to be a good thing. For too much of the time it's an issue hidden in the shadows. I didn't stick around to see how all those colours looked with a big dose of sweat thrown in but even before the race was run I consider them all winners.

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