Wednesday, October 15, 2014

October 15. Day 288. Cop this!

 It could be worse. A lot worse. I whinge a lot about things such as
1) Marking
2) Form filling and administrivia
3) Marking
4) Staff meetings
5) Marking
6) Students oh and marking
The take-home message could easily be that I hate my job. Some days this comes close to the truth. Most days it does not, at all.
 Teaching some of the best and brightest journalism students in the country is absolutely not all bad. Today was one of those days I consider better than most. Today I was privileged to accompany about 100 students to a press conference at City Hall. This was a real life assessment piece at its best. The students were in the same forum as other media from across the city hearing the latest on preparations for the G20 in our city next month. Addressing the forum were
 Bernadette Welch Head of Operations in the G20 Taskforce in the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, Terry Crane Executive Director G20 State Coordination Unit in the Department of Premier and Cabinet, Peter Rule Executive Manager and G20 Coordinator, Brisbane City Council and Assistant Commissioner Katarina Carroll G20 Group Queensland Police Service.
I might not feel the same when I get to marking the pieces but witnessing the event itself was most satisfying.

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