Monday, October 6, 2014

October 10. Day 279. Sunrise by the sea

December 6. Sixty days, two hours and 15 minutes. That's not so long. That's an eternity. Beach, please keep yourself nice until then. I miss the beach already. I miss hanging out at the beach markets, the coffee shops and the parks. I miss long lazy days with the family in the sun.
Dragging myself back to the reality was most difficult, not helped by the end of school holiday/end of the long weekend traffic heading from the coast to the city.
I'd describe the Bruce Highway as a carpark but cars move in a carpark albeit round and round in circles chasing people with bags and trolleys in search of the illusive space.
But this time I am one step ahead of the post holidays blues. I have already booked for a pre-Christmas break. Two weeks in December at the same wonderful abode the family spent this week is already locked in and I can't wait.
The fact is the sand beneath my toes is good for my soul. It is also a favourite of all of the family including the Fur Friend.
I have to confess the smell of something between wet dog and dead fish is less than appealing. It is, however, a small price to pay for the joy of a beach sunrise.


  1. Oh my goodness, what stunning photo's and scenery! My kinda place for sure! #countrykids

  2. What beautiful scenery, I'm sure the beach is awaiting your return too! It looks like you've been having a wonderful time whilst you have been away. Thanks for linking up to Country Kids.

  3. beautiful photos.... I miss the beach too.... so much so we drove 90minutes for an ice cream at one today, just to turn back around again and drive home... teehee #countrykids