Saturday, October 25, 2014

October 25. Day 298. Stage Fright

See those gloves?! I made those
Surprise! That's what you have to love about the theatre. There's always something new to delight, amaze and possibly shock and terrify. It's live.
Having been in the audience of many a Fame Theatre show (four a year for the past 12 years to be precise) there is a certain degree of understanding about what the night will bring. However the following I did not expect:
Those are the Kinky Boots that has turned my son off heels
1) The number of people who commented what an "excellent" drunk my son made. I was treated to a terrifying view to what might be happening at a Valley nightclub some time in the not too distant future. I'd like to think I'm wrong on that point. I'm probably not
2) Drama Teen has declared "I'm never going to wear heels again. They kill."  Yes, they do. Sixteen-year-old males don't normally understand that but a role in Kinky Boots has given him an unusual insight.
3) My name in a program as a special thanks for help with costuming. For those 12 years I have avoided any and all requests for costume help. I don't do sewing and in fact chose a performance company specifically because parents are not expected to sew anything. Occasionally there will be calls for volunteers. I have always developed selective deafness at these points. But this year I cracked and found myself with a spray can and hot glue gun making Rafiki gloves for the Lion King - and didn't they look awesome?! I managed a smirk when the theatre manager remarked "Now we know what you are capable of, you may be hearing more from us". I laughed and said "That's what I'm afraid of". But secretly I enjoyed the process a whole lot (despite repeated attempts to give myself third degree burns with a hot glue gun). The scars have healed and it was all right on the night. It always is.

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