Tuesday, October 21, 2014

October 21. Day 294. Shining light

Today's shining light good neighbour award goes to, drum roll please, me.
Okay, I invented the awards and judged them and was the only entry (possibly because I didn't actually open up entries to anyone else) but it's a voting system that has worked in many a foreign land and in any case  I stand by the results. And as there is no prize involved chances of anyone actually fighting me for it are rather slim, Besides under the terms I just invented no correspondence will be entered into.
Anyway to the citation (which I wrote) Susan takes out the good neighbour award for taking her neighbour bra shopping. I know, right. Big gold star and elephant stamp right there. Bra shopping, the most humiliating experience known to man (not, I suspect, that many men do it but still). I don't think I have yet recovered from the experience of being taken into David Jones at that sensitive age and being "fitted" for my first bra by a very stern looking bra specialist. I thought my job today was to be companion and taxi driver and hand over the fitting room business to a lady much more experienced in the fitting of 87-year-old women than I. My plan was to loiter outside in the undies department in that bored time honoured way husbands do while clothes shopping. But Margaret thought my opinion on the Size 20 D bras was necessary so into the change room I ventured. Let's just leave it at that. But you must give Margaret points for being a good sport. When I jokingly suggested she might want one of the skimpy, frilly numbers she countered "well, at least I know I won't need any padding ...."

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