Sunday, August 10, 2014

August 9. Day 221. Everything old is new again

If I call myself Vintage will it make me feel better as though I am a treasured piece of clothing or a fine wine? In so many things - food and fashion leading the charge - everything old is new again. I am all in favour of this, especially if it means voluptuous female form and cranky old women are considered "fashionable". Some things never go out of style. Unfortunately I'm not cure fat women with bad attitudes are on that list
Grace and good manners and good company, however, can and should remain timeless.
Well that's what I decided at a high tea at Clayfield College this afternoon.
The age of ribbon sandwiches and cup cakes should always be with us as should a leisurely afternoon tea with the girls. Sure some of the fashions in the parade were labelled Vintage but the truth is when the girls changed into their street wear not all the styles were radically different. Annoyingly, when you are young and beautiful you look good in anything. There may only have been tea and pink lemonade on offer but I'll drink to that with whatever beverage is available.

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  1. I do like a vintage indulgence, so lovely to enjoy the days of old.