Friday, August 8, 2014

August 8. Day 220. Uphill battle

The working week over, the first place the masses tend of head is the nearest watering hole or for a bit of a graze at the trough. This week was a bit of an uphill battle so after "quittin' time" was called  by me I grabbed the fur friends and set off for a walk to the dog park. Already there was signs of the city taking an early mark and easing into the weekend - well most of them were. On a steep grassy slope some young ones were certainly not taking the path of least resistance. As if interval training up up the hill wasn't enough, the young women each had a handicap - one was wearing a weighted jacket, the other towing a weighted cart. Over and over they repeated the hill sprints, carefully checking their times with their coach when they got to the top. While the girls caught their breath, the coach told me one of the girls wanted to be a triathlete, the other a sprinter. The young man just wanted to keep up with the girls, have a bit of friendly competition and laugh at the footage on the tablet computer once he got to the top. Also, the weighted trolley made an excellent sled to get back to the bottom of the hill, the kids said. Yeah, it's a long way to the top  but the view when you get there makes the climb worthwhile

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  1. What ambitions those girls have! It's great that they are actually smiling through their training too, although the sled ride down is a great bonus for them. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.