Monday, August 25, 2014

August 25.Day 237. Sulking

Puppy dog eyes: enlarging your eyes over dramatically with a sad face to get whatever you desire. (most of the time.
I'm actually not sure which of the "children" in the household does the puppy dog eyes thing the best., the one with fur or the biological offspring And, as it happens, both are pretty adept at the incredible sulk (a manoeuvre filled with as much raw emotion but less green bits as the Incredible Hulk).
But both the fur friend and the drama teen know how to act mortally wounded they feel the world has wronged them.
This is Rumple's impression of neglect. About three minutes was the total time he was left tied up outside a restaurant at South Bank while I walked in and made a reservation. I was in line of sight the whole time but you'd swear he's been left outside the casino while I "invested" the week's wages on the poker machines. It's a wonder no-one called the RSPCA. Still he only employs this tactic because he knows it will work. Everyone knows that you should stand up to a sit down strike - and I would, I really would if the protest didn't include the puppy dog eyes. That's something I just can not stare down.

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