Sunday, August 31, 2014

August 31. Day 243. Swamped

What a glorious day. The calender says Winter is officially still with us until tomorrow but a calendar is, after all, just a number on a piece of paper or in my case the thing on the bottom left of my computer monitor and top right of the iPhone. Bright blue skies and hot sun = Spring regardless of what the date would have us believe. Anyone with half a brain would have been out enjoying it but was I? No I was not. I was being tanned by the soft blue light of the laptop, drowning in cesspool of marking, preparation and administrivia. All of which made me a very prickly character indeed. By late afternoon, I'd had it so I dragged myself out of the swamp and took the fur friend for a much needed walk. The temporary reprieve was most welcome but short lived. The tsunami of paperwork has me again up to my neck in it. Sighs

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