Thursday, August 14, 2014

August 14. Day 226. Little splashes of colour

One side of this image represents this morning. There you see a dry crackly bark with green bits. The dreaded cough is back making for a very unpleasant sounding and fairly unpleasant to be around Susan. You'd hope that my bark was worse than my bite because the bark is fairly woeful. In these parts we refer to this mid August lurgy as the Ekka flu. Hundreds of thousands of people converge on the Brisbane Exhibition Grounds for the mid winter show or Ekka as we like to know it. So many people in one confined place and you create a hot bed of infection. But here's the thing. I haven't been to the Ekka this year and at this rate I shall not be going. Many would argue that a virus is a reasonable price to pay for a day of rides, showbags, dagwood dogs and strawberry ice cream sundaes. That's a fair call but it's totally unfair to pay the price without having experienced the reward. So I'm grumpy. But like the photo there was one big bright colourful splash in the day. I got a call from the tailor who had made Drama Teen's semi formal shirt. He said although the shirt was a perfect fit for now it didn't allow much growing room. He'd been thinking about it and decided he should gift us another shirt for free. After all we are neighbours (the shop is just around the corner and it turns out his home is only a few houses down the road) so he'd like to be sure we were happy for a long time. Some may argue that's just good old fashioned service. I say it was a colourful splash in an otherwise very grey day - also the new shirt has paisley detail which I love. It's a nice result for someone just hanging on by the claws

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