Tuesday, August 5, 2014

August 5. Day 217. Rose coloured glasses

Less than fun things from today
1.Whinge from a Drama Teen about extreme fatigue that should warrant a day off school
2. A great mound of dog poo that needed to be picked up. By me. Who else?
3. A staff meeting
4. A big grocery shop
5. A checkout operator who asked "how's your day been?" without any eye contact or interest in the answer.
My reaction to these things: a sweet smile and not a hint of irritation. I don't normally wear the rose coloured glasses, in fact I'm not sure I own a pair but today they were on. Today I think I was in a state of post traumatic shock but in a good way. Today I woke up with my fur friends on the bed. I'm about to go to sleep with them on the bed and at every point of the day in between I knew exactly where they were.
After yesterday, today was a champagne and roses kind of day, even though the closest I came to either was walking by this beautiful bloom this morning. Everything was rosy (except perhaps the bit about the dog poo)


  1. What a stunning rose - definitely makes up for the less fun things in life!

  2. wow that rose is beautiful! it looks so delicate! x

  3. The detail on that rose is glorious, it's so easy to ignore the beauty in a deluge of crapness. Well done for using those rose-tinted specs.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

  4. Two very stunning photos and yes I agree rose tinted specs are definitely required sometimes

  5. Wow the detail in the rose photo is amazing