Saturday, August 30, 2014

August 30. Day 242. Charity begins at home

The whole charity fundraising thing is intensely interesting, fascinating even.
Find the right colour, the right gimmick or the right slogan and the buckets of charity gold could be coming your way. Right now your problem might be to find a bucket to collect your gold in because every many and his dog seems to have seized every available bucket and filled it with ice water to pour over his or her head. The whole thing started out as a very high ideal - to raise funds for and awareness  of motor neurone disease. My guess is, however, most of the people now challenging and being challenged have no idea what it is all about, it's just a Facebook or YouTube thing.
Even for those who do
know is it really activism or slacktivism - is pouring a bucket of water over your head a easy way to make you feel you are taking a stand on an issue without actually having to do anything terribly much. For some, possibly. No matter my Drama Teen and his mate George today joined the ice water challenge and for an added degree of difficulty then poured hot water over their heads AND jumped in the pool (which both agreed was far more uncomfortably cold than the single bucket of water). And just in case you are thinking I am taking the high moral ground on this one, not so. There is no cold bucket of water involved but I will be jumping off the Goodwill Bridge and swinging underneath for charity in October. You can sponsor me if you like. I dare you


  1. That looks just like a scene from my garden today. I now have no ice left as the children all challenged one another and their school friends! Your photos are brilliantly captured as ever with each water drop so clear and some fabulous expressions! Thank you for joining me for Country Kids.

  2. Ooof, hot and then cold - they are indeed brave! Brilliant photos! #countrykids

  3. It looks like they have been having a great time! Fab photos!