Saturday, August 23, 2014

August 22. Day 234. Light and shade

I'm a slow learner but finally I am seeing the light. It has only taken me about 200,000 photos over 965 days (yes I have been counting actually) to realise the true importance of light. Not the obvious things like stand with your back to the sun or that variable light will most likely lead to variable (read ugly) results. Not even that it's harder to take photos in poor light or artificial light or that the harsh midday light is unforgiving. But that the kind of light really makes a difference. South Bank is one of my favourite places to go when I have nothing else and I have learned that the time of day and the kind of weather plays a huge role in the type of photos. Sure the pool is more likely to be empty when it's raining like today but it's not just that. The lighting quality varies and so does the image according to the time of day and the time of year because of the light. All of which has nothing and everything to do with today's photo. Sure it was taken from South Bank (not of South Bank but from South Bank) and sure the highlight is the city lights on a rainy old winter's night. But it's not that. This photo was taken at the intermission of the Last Confession starring David Suchet. And what a beautiful thing that was. Wonderful set, top class performance and a tight captivating script. I'm pretty sure every person in the Lyric Theatre tonight would have noticed and applauded those things. But on top of that the lighting person needed a round of applause. It was a beautiful thing and while it is not often appreciated good lighting like good sound can make or break a production. Yes, finally I have seen the light.

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