Tuesday, August 12, 2014

August 12. Day 224. Not on a school night

Perhaps its a gold star and an elephant stamp I deserve. Or perhaps such conduct is more worthy of a psychiatric assessment. Either way I said no. I was right there at the door of the Powerhouse Theatre and a free ticket was proffered to The Removalists and I turned it down. Like the goody two shoes I am, I declined saying I really needed to spend the time waiting for Drama Teen and his school group to see the show having a hot date with a pile of marking. And so I did, stopping only to indulge in a hot chocolate. Mind you, my reaction may have been different had I had a ticket in my hot little hand to one of the other events on at the Powerhouse tonight (no I'm not talking about the eisteddfod downstairs - that I was happy to give a big fat miss). I'm talking about the glittering Prom Night event to launch the next three month's of the Powerhouse's program. There was some mighty fine finery on display, the bubbly was flowing and there was a glitter ball. What more could a girl ask for? Well nothing, and I did happen to notice by the time I got there there was no-one guarding the entrance. I could have walked right up and grabbed myself a drink. But again, I did not. Red pen in hand and scowl on face I marked. Frankly, I have enough trouble working out what day of the week it is already without partying on a school night (even if tomorrow is one of those rare, totally awesome and totally confusing mid week public holidays).

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