Wednesday, August 13, 2014

August 13. Day 225. The semi formal

Like someone on conditional bail, there are strict limitations on my blogging activities.
It goes like this. For the first year of what was supposed to be a one year project, my family indulged. They would let me photograph every mundane moment of our daily lives and blog about it.
But it got old, at least to them. In the second year, a partial ban was implemented which basically meant if I could get it in one shot fine, if not too bad.
This year more conditions. I think the official ruling is that I am only allowed to photographs occasions where "normal" people would bring out the camera (not the camera phone which would be considerably less of a restriction).
So I can do birthdays, Christmas, a graduation, public performance or special moments on holidays etc but the rest of the time no deal.
Tonight was considered a "normal people" photo moment.
Tonight was the school's semi-formal and I was allowed to photograph Oliver and the delightful Miss Ashley.
Some moments need to be recorded and even 16-year-olds recognise this.
It's a mum moment as well as a teen milestone and I must say how proud of my "baby" I was tonight.


  1. Lovely. I also packed one of my tribe off to a school formal yesterday. I also lugged my DSLR to the Ekka today to mortify the 13 yo with photographic promiscuity (you have inspired me). It was great - the Ekka, the photographing and the mortifying.

  2. Hang on a second, when did he get so grown-up?! The fact that you can't photograph him very often highlights how much he's matured over the years. And what a beautiful young lady.