Wednesday, July 9, 2014

July 9. Day 190. A change is as good as a holiday

Let's be clear. 
1. A change is not as good as a holiday and anyone who says it is has only had lame holidays.
2. Technology may have released us from having to spend 9-5 in the office but it has meant the office is with us 24 hours a day at the beep of a smart phone or a click of a mouse.
3. The paperless office is a myth, a total myth.
However, in all this there is power to use this for good as well as evil. This week, I am having a change not a holiday. I just happen to be working from home, not my home, but a home I rented on the Sunshine Coast for the week. Wireless broadband makes that possible and the change of environment is a good thing, sort of like a holiday good thing. I can do all the 9-5 business and walk the dog along the beach in the morning and afternoon. I can take my lunch break at one of the Coolum cafes and collect eggs from the chickens. And I can meet my normal ABC Radio commitments via the phone sitting on the beach watching the sun rise. But that paperless office thing? I have all the comforts at home here expect one thing. There's no printer, something I didn't quite think through when I planned the radio cross in my head. Sitting on a beach at dawn with a laptap on my lap is not only cumbersome but a bit of a wank but if that's what it takes .... that's a change I'm prepared to make.


  1. That's a fantastic action shot at the top, but my favourite is the sunset - stunning!

  2. I would love to be running along that beach, looks like a good change of scene for you and wow to that sunset!

  3. wow beautiful sunset - just stunning. and the dog mid air is a GREAT capture x

  4. Love the dog shot. Mine does that too but I have never caught such a great action shot.

  5. Love the sunset picture, reminds me it's been way too long since I last made the effort to watch it set!
    Also the dog in mid air is a great shot :-)

  6. Wow, those sunset photo's are stunning! #365