Friday, July 11, 2014

July 11. Day 192. Life's a beach

Do you know what I love about the beach? Everything. It was like I was born to it. As a a child we always had our family holidays at the beach - Mum, Dad, the four kids and normally my grandfather. Truth is my Dad didn't much like the beach - he wasn't much for sun and sand so I can only assume I got that from the other side of the family or it skipped a generation or something. But whether it was his "thing" or not Dad appreciated the family time of beach holidays so we did it every year without fail. And the tradition continues. This is the second of four family beach holidays this year - with my husband, our son, my mum and probably the biggest beach fan of all my fur friend Rumple. I admit, unlike many other families who continue to indulge in water-based activities despite the fact that it is winter, land based activities are more our thing at this time of year. But we spend ours walking along the beach collecting shells, playing ball games and just feeling the sand between our toes. Life is a beach. I love that

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