Thursday, July 10, 2014

July 10. Day 191.Out of my depth

Money does not grow on trees. This my mother made quite clear. I am also totally aware that cotton does come from a plant and yoghurt is an animal product, a stunning level of understanding of primary production if a survey of children can be believed. But having said that I am a city girl through and through and I confess my knowledge of growing and harvesting things is quite tragic. In fact I am quite out of my depth. This house I am staying at has chickens and guests are allowed to collect and keep the eggs should they choose. I know nothing about chickens. I don't know when hens lay, I don' know how many eggs they squeeze out and I am not even sure whether you wash the eggs or not when you bring them in. But I do know that free range, farm fresh eggs do taste better and I am looking forward to eating them. Indeed, I shall be diving in to the first omlette.

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