Wednesday, July 23, 2014

July 23. Day 204. Living on the edge

 Sometimes you've got to live on the edge a little, you know put yourself out there, take a few risks. Each of us takes calculated risks every day. Sure you might get hit by a truck if you drive to work but there's a very real possibility you will lose your job if you don't so on balance you decide to take the risk. I'm not here talking about a game of "just says" or "what ifs" and don't get me started in OH&S just that nothing is without some risk it is merely a matter of how far we want to push it. Today was a take a risk, throw caution to the wind kind of day. For some that involved ignoring the signs and the safety barriers and climbing over the rails to enjoy an afternoon glass of champagne on a rock ledge overlooking the city from the Kangaroo Point Cliffs. Some would say that was dangerous and stupid in the extreme. I will leave it to others to judge as I was doing something equally foolhardy in the same area -  I took the dogs for a walk. We stayed to the paths, were appropriately attired, the dogs were on a lead, we kept to the left and obeyed all signs. I had poo bags on board should nature call to the canines. To anyone watching we were a picture of model citizen and canines. But that is ignoring one rather large fact. Last time I took the two dogs for a walk in this area the beagle simple refused to walk back up the steep cliff stairs so I had to carry him, while also trying to control the other fur friend. It was a nightmare to the point I haven't returned. But today  - lured by the prospect of a nice sunset - I decided to see whether The Fed had outgrown his canine stair phobia. Success. We did it and it was a risk worth taking. They are right, sometimes fortune favours the brave.

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