Monday, July 7, 2014

July 6. Day 187. Colourful characters

 For reasons I will never fully understand, my Drama Teen often decides to speak with a Russian accent. It drives me crazy which, surprisingly enough, I don't even think is the prime reason he does it (although it is very likely a happy side effect). But not today. Today he spoke relentlessly with an accent I believe has its origin somewhere in the north of England. I decided to try and cut this one off before it took hold but he explained it was already too late. Apparently during the 12 or so hours he was at the Convention Centre for performances of Cats - during which time I was off photographing birds - all the performers in his section of the cast decided to speak like they were from Billy Elliott. Colourful characters those theatre types. But despite my annoyance at the positively irritating accent, this piece of information really brought a smile to my face. Literally hundreds of young performers were involved in Cats and the reasons their families signed up would have been many and varied. But mine was simple - because I like to extend  every opportunity for a very theatrical young man to mix with others with a similar outlook on life. And clearly during this performance birds of a feather did in fact flock together. Yep, that's something to crow about.

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