Saturday, July 19, 2014

July 19. Day 200. Raising the child


In day's gone by, villages really did raise a child. Not so much any more. We live in nuclear families, in single dwellings behind nice picket fences. Don't worry, I haven't gone all earth mother. I like all the comforts of home and have no hankering for a simpler communal life. But I do like the fact that the village is out there and there are "villagers" (I like to call them friends) I can call on when my skill set just doesn't meet the selection criteria of the job at hand. So the school's leadership camp next week requires the students -in small groups - to supply and erect their own tents. There are two problems with this. We don't own a tent and if we did I would have no idea how to erect it. But I have a friend that does. So while I had a cup of tea on the back deck, my friend Alison arrived tent in hand and instructed Drama Teen on the finer points of setting up and pulling down a tent. This included lying on the folded tent to remove air before trying to squeeze it back into the bag. This, in case you were wondering, was what was happening in the first image. I'm pretty sure there would be YouTube videos on the subject but the hands-on approach from a trusted friend is far more effective and much more fun (at least for the person sipping tea and watching the action).

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