Sunday, July 27, 2014

July 27. Day 208. A lot to digest

I could see it in their eyes. That slightly dazed look that says either "I have just bitten off more than I can chew" or "Ok, now that's rather a lot to digest". Today was QUT Open Day and that meant I was on duty running presentations for students considering studying journalism (and their parents). That meant fielding question after question about OPs, double degrees, the difference between a BCI and a B Journ, alternative entry possibilities, starting out in a Media and  Communication degree versus a Mass Comm degree if you intend studying journalism. I know the answer to all these questions and more and I attempt to answer them in ways that avoid university slang but there reaches a point when you see the eyes glaze over. It's all a lot to take in especially for anyone new to the university sector. I actually find it very easy to put myself in the shoes of parents at these seminars. In a break between my presentation duties, I took myself off to the Drama, Acting and Technical Production talks in my role of parent to Drama Teen. Here the challenge was to get my head around three different Bachelor of Fine Arts and their OP, versus interview, versus audition entry etc, etc. Fortunately as an insider I felt like I had a bit (ok a great big) head start. Still, by the end of it I felt like I'd had my fill. * Note, this is not a self portrait but a photo I took on the way home. It is, however, scarily like how I felt after many hours of Open Day duty wearing both the parent and the professional hats.

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