Tuesday, July 15, 2014

July 15. Day 196. Tie a Yellow Ribbon

It was almost certainly coincidental but today when I collected Rumple from his regular grooming he had yellow ribbons in his hair. In a year of grooming, the ribbons have always been red or blue but not today. Today it was yellow. Just across the river, yellow ribbons were being worn and yellow balloons released in memory of Allison Baden-Clay whose husband was today found guilty of her murder. I never knew Allison but like so many today I watched the reports of the verdict with a mixture of great sadness and relief at the success of the justice system. There are no winners in outcomes such as this. Allison's family will certainly not find anything to cheer about. It is unfathomable that someone could take the life of their life's partner. Family is everything. You would do anything for them. How could you do that to your wife and as a flow-on to your young daughters? It is impossible to even start to imagine the pain that family would be feeling tonight. But it is a reminder to cherish those closest to you and to treat those nearest and dearest well (although my neighbour Margaret's decision to give Rumple the food from her mouth quite literally is really taking things far too far)

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