Wednesday, July 2, 2014

July 2. Day 183. Beneath the surface

Probably the most glowing reference I ever received from an employer came from my boss when I was about to head back from Australia from the UK (it may be that she knew I was leaving the country and she wanted to make sure someone in Oz would employ me so she'd never have to deal with me again but for whatever reason she said very nice things).
I no longer have a copy but one phrase sticks in my mind. I was, she said, "unflappable in a crisis" and let's face it news rooms are hot beds of crises. Now one should never look a gift horse in the mouth but might I say this is crap. What I am, clearly, is good at faking it. I am the proverbial duck - calm on the surface but just below things are churning like mad. This is why I like this photo of this dusky moorhen at South Bank this morning. Because of a bit of self reflection you can actually see what's going on beneath the surface  and this little bloke has both feet firmly on the ground. Nice

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