Thursday, July 3, 2014

July 3. Day 184. Pussies Galore

 My paw pooch. This week the C Word has been uttered far too often this week. Cats.From costume creation, to rehearsals that go for hours a day, it has been all about the feline this week. And today was the first dress rehearsal for Harvest Rain's Cats and that meant Cat make-up. Once again my very talented niece Scarlett was brought in for the job. I can only imagine what the cat would have looked like had I been in charge. Perhaps there is a role for a stray cat or for an animal that looks like something the cat dragged in. Let's be honest make-up, even of the conventional type, is not a great skill of mine. Stage make-up is far beyond my capabilities.
I am also not so good at removing make-up but I am training Drama Teen in better practice, if for no other reason than when he came home tonight he looked like he should have been heading to come of those nightclubs in the Valley. I can only imagine what five days of this will do to the pores. The fiery skin may be created without make-up.
Clearly suffering from all the Catty talk

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