Tuesday, July 22, 2014

July 22. Day 203. Weapons of mass destruction

They look like cute, cuddly canines. They are not. They are fur covered weapons of mass destruction. Individually they are a bit prone to chewing the odd shoe or the like if left lying around. Teamed up, no item of clothing, no item of soft furnishing, plastic container, remote control or goodness knows what else is safe. Socks, jocks, pens, PJs, shoes, bedding, camping equipment and the seat of a couch have fallen victim to their evil ways. Most of the time they are quite content to do nothing. Lying around doing not very much is a skill they have perfected. But I suspect this is simply scheming time. Planning the next raid. It has got to the point that Rumple has had his all areas access pass revoked when not supervised. Now it is not safe to leave the fur friends inside without adult supervision and they have to be locked outside. This is yet to redress the bad behaviour. I could be wrong but perhaps my own behaviour contributes to this. I suspect they know they are not really in dog house given that they still sleep curled up beside me in bed. Tough love is not one of my specialist subjects, clearly.

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