Tuesday, July 1, 2014

July 1. Day 182. I wish

I wish you'd clean your room without being nagged
I wish they had these shoes in my size.
I wish there were more hours in the day.
I wish things that tasted good were also good for you
I wish someone other than me knew understood that floor-drobes do not exist
I wish for a lot of things. But the things I regularly say I wish for wouldn't even make the short list should a Genie appear out of a bottle at my place any time soon (apart from that one about hours in the day, that would have to go close).
Of course health and happiness for my nearest and dearest would be the obvious ones but what about something more Out of the Box? Perhaps what I should be wishing for is a child-like imagination when it comes to the big picture items such as wishing.
A visit to the Out of the Box festival for children under 8 today had me pondering this question.
As well as the drumming and Bollywood dancing workshops, the storytelling tent and the monster hotel, I checked out the wishing tree where children had written or drawn their wishes. I love their big dreams and even bigger imaginations. The cards included the following wishes:
I wish I could slide down rainbows
I wish I had a dinosaur for a pet
I wish the world was made of lollies
I wish to be a fairy
I wish I was famous
I wish I could fly
Sure some of these things are never likely to happen but nor is my son going to clean his room without nagging and that doesn't stop me wishing ... I think what I really wish for is more time to dream

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