Wednesday, July 30, 2014

July 30. Day 211. Scavenger hunt

Crows. It is quite possible there is no more maligned bird.
The creator was not kind to the crow cursing it with one of the least musical calls in the avian world backed with unattractive habits such as eating road kill and pulling the rubbish out of your bins. Even the magpie which is just as likely to try and peck your eye out at certain times of the year seems to get more love than poor old crow. After all Stone the Crows is a popular saying but no-one is threatening to do the same to magpies.
But if life was fair (which of course it isn't) the era of the crow should be upon us.
My evidence is this. The crow is the ultimate scavenger and in the human world this is now a much appreciated trait.
Way back when, the charity shop was a place for society's outcasts. Being seen anywhere near such an establishment would be seen as a sign of failure and desperation. There was a huge stigma involved with settling for a stranger's cast offs. But the world turned. Words such as vintage and retro became trendy and scoring a bargain at an op shop became a badge of honour not the equivalent of a social disease. And on top of that terms such as reduce, reuse and recycle gained popularity (although new and shiny still rule in the throw-away world).
So hang in there Mr Crow. You may be the black sheep of the bird world but I rather like the way you seem to thumb your nose (beak) at convention and get on and do what you have to do.
Also your shiny black coat is most fetching. Call it retro and your stakes will rise.

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