Saturday, February 9, 2013

February 9. Day 40. Slaying the dragon

Perhaps it's the influence of the lunar new year. Perhaps they've finally recognised that mother knows best but strange things have been happening in my house.
While I love nothing more than getting out of the house and discovering the world on foot, the males think this is very strange behaviour. The species has evolved since we learned to walk upright and part of that evolution involves the invention of vehicles. As advanced beings we should go with that or something.
Anyway, yesterday morning it was my husband not me that got up before dawn and took part in a walking group.
And today the boy agreed to come for a bit of a walk with me. Five hours later we returned home.
Yes, we'd stopped for lunch. Yes we'd been into the shops in the city but we'd also seen things you don't see by car such as the dragon boat races on the Brisbane River at South Bank.
We'd also had plenty of opportunity to discuss life the universe and everything without either of us resorting to Google.
We may not have taken part in the dragon boat races but I reckon I had a win just the same.


  1. I relish the chance for a walk with any of my children, the older they get the more involved the conversation becomes. 5 whole hours, wow that would be a treat and a lovely photo along the way!

  2. that was some walk! what a lovely way to spend some time with your boy :)
    i like your last sentence!! x

  3. Hello, just popped over from Country Kids. Not being a driver, it always amazes me when people automatically take the car to go somewhere when it would be just as quick to walk. It sounds like you had a good day, and one that doesn't happen often, so yes, I'd say it was definitely a win too.

  4. How cool. what a great shot. 5 hours without google, I'm impressed