Saturday, February 16, 2013

February 16. Day 47. Nifty 50

I  am so old. I know this because today I went to the first ever 50th birthday party of a contemporary. It may even be the first ever 50th birthday party as I was living in England when both my parents turned 50, but I digress.
First it's 18th birthdays. Then it's 21sts. Before you know it everyone is getting engaged or married and as naturally as night follows day there are christenings and first birthday parties of the offspring.
And now here it is. The season of the 50th birthday has arrived. I would like to claim mine is a long, long way off but I can't (at least not with a straight face).
So I shall consider today to be quite a fine dress rehearsal.
Happy Birthday Barry my dear OLD friend. See you at my place in a couple of years

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