Monday, February 18, 2013

February 18. Day 49. Little weed

This really is quite pretty. Weeds are like that.
They are often colourful and attractive at first glance. Their influence spreads quickly and it may not immediately be evident how much damage they are causing. It is possible you look at the other plants withering and dying because they are being sapped dry and wonder what on earth their problem is. They can be being undermined without it really being evident. You can pull the weeds out but their roots can remain and the soil is often already poisoned and with that the foundations of the plants around them weakened.
Sneaky, deceptive little buggers taking over.
As it happens I know nothing about gardening but this is the story of other little weeds trying to spread into my patch.
Just substitute the word weed for bully and there you have it. If only it was okay to get out the Zero Weeding Wand.

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