Wednesday, February 13, 2013

February 13. Day 44. Rock on

Rock on.
I walk by this pool at South Bank frequently and normally it is a shallow pool with the rocks all fully submerged. Not today. Someone has piled up rocks in a line to form a dam.
At 7am the shallows, the rocks, the reflections and the water were stunningly beautiful. I also think the rocks may be a metaphor for today - a rocky start if you like.
I wasn't the only one having a rocky start. It may be impolite to say so but my mother may
1) Be out of her depth and
2) Have rocks in her head
For reasons I can't explain my mother is presently in Lima, Peru. When she made a couple of frantic calls home this morning she was in the airport, her luggage was lost, the tour company had failed to arrive to collect her and she had neglected to pack the travel itinerary and contact details.
Dam, I say again.
I believe the situation has resolved itself at least for now but seriously surely the children should be giving their parents grief rather than the other way around. There's something to reflect on.
Anyway hopefully the panic is over and the great South American adventure will continue without hiccup.
Rock on. Mum. Rock on.


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  2. VERY nice pic Susan... and your Mother? Good God... a couple of rocks short of that dam wall, perhaps?