Sunday, February 3, 2013

February 3. Day 34. Buzz off

They're back. The game of Susan versus the wasps has resumed.
Let's get this clear. For the most part I let all creatures great and small go about their business without any interference - even wasps.
But this lot or their nearest and dearest have an obsession of setting up nest on my front fence right near the gate and the letterbox.
Until they start paying the mortgage or at least paying rent that's not on. They can buzz off. There are a million other places on my property they can go. That space is mine and I shall get all territorial about it.
So first the long lens and then the big stick (the very big stick because I have a quite reasonable fear of getting stung).
I'm giving this round to Susan. The flying stingers have gone. We'll see how long it lasts before they declare a rematch.


  1. Love the detail of this photo, do you mind me asking what equipment you was using??

    1. It's a Canon DSLR 650D. That was taken with the 55-250 lens. I do love that camera

  2. omg what a photo!!! such detail and they almost look like tiny plastic insects!i wish they would buzz off for you! x

  3. You are brave! At least you got a photo first, a brilliant photo at that!