Thursday, February 28, 2013

February 28. Day 59. What are you looking at?

I raised a few eyebrows this morning. For two years I went for a walk at the crack of dawn just about every day. But for a whole variety of life reasons during the long non teaching period I've been walking later in the day.
That has been mostly okay but with the new semester now here it has become patently obvious that's not going to work. Three days of semester. Three days without a walk. The size of my bottom is increasing by the day.
I have figured out by bitter experience that exercising before work is the only reliable way but I am clearly a slow learner and I have to keep relearning what should be blindingly obvious.
So finally motivated by fear of fat arse syndrome* today I set the alarm and while it wasn't the 5am start I'd planned I was out the door by 5.30.
My surprise presence didn't go un-noticed. Will you check out the looks on the faces of this pair, both photographed within metres of my front door.
The neighbours are clearly a bit surprised to see me out and about so early.
Get used to it guys. I'm back and you can expect to see a lot more of me (but hopefully there will be less bum to see).

*this may or may not be a real syndrome. The fat arse is annoyingly real

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