Tuesday, February 12, 2013

February 12. Day 43. Gotcha

Apparently the Bug Catcher is one of the few toys that has remained almost completely unchanged since 1975.
I find that strangely reassuring. I loved my Bug Catcher although I confess that when it came to catching bugs it was almost completely useless. The bottom was way too big and offered far too much opportunity for any escapologist bug (which is just about all of them).
On the other hand, in conjunction with the butterfly net, the Bug Catcher represented hours of fun. Doubtless it also represented the contravening of many statutes against cruelty to animals but I digress.
Anyway while I have long since retired both the net and the Bug Catcher, I have a renewed interest in capturing my old friend the Blue Triangle Butterfly Graphium sarpedon.
And I have to say the old flutter bys, as I used to know them, are not much easier to capture with a lens than they are with a net.
But as the old television ad used to go "aaahh gotcha".

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