Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Febraury 27. Day 58. The way to a man's heart

They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Simple beings men.
Well let me tell you with me it is even simpler than that and can be summed up in one word - chocolate.
If the world is divided into two sets of people - the sweets and the savories - I would normally put myself in the savory camp. Hot chips, cold chips, dips, nuts - these are a few of my favourite things and once started I find it is impossible to stop.
But there is a special place in my heart and on my taste buds reserved especially for chocolate. Bloody brilliant stuff.
So I was very happy to find this little box of delicious calories in my in-tray today from a grateful student I had helped navigate the minefield of subject selection.
Let me make it clear, I was just doing my job. I do this day in, day out without students having to resort to providing gifts. It's why they pay me he big bucks.
However, it always makes a girl happy when someone takes the time to say thanks (happier still when they say it with chocolate).
Simple isn't it?

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