Tuesday, February 19, 2013

February 19. Day 50. Dancing in the streets

Charge. The new university year is now off and running and the First Years are coming to get you (well more specifically they are coming to get me with my first encounter with our first years scheduled for tomorrow). It's O Week.
But as a bit of a dress rehearsal today I found myself in the middle of a flash mob of the Grace College freshmen having a bit of a bonding experience in the Queen Street Mall.
After the street dance, the students were divided into groups and sent out with a "shopping list" of things to find in the city.
As I went about my business I kept running into groups earnestly studying maps and lists before rushing off in search of the next treasure. It was as much orienteering as orientation for students new to the city and university and residential college life.
They seemed to be getting right into it. With the fun over, let's hope next week they throw themselves into their studies with the same level of enthusiasm.


  1. What a lovely way for them to all start and get to know each other. A great action shot as always Susan.

  2. Oh how brilliant, I'd love to see a flash mob in the flesh rather than just on television. In my nearest town though the only "flash" mob wouuld be the queue for the Debenhams sale!

  3. Sounds like a great way to get used to new people and a new town. I've always wanted to be a part of a flash mob :)

    Visiting from Coombe Mill Country Kids :)