Wednesday, February 6, 2013

February 6. Day 37. Ten green bottles

I know why God invented the iPad. It was to give children something to do on car journeys other than sing Ten Green Bottles.
Yes, it is true that everyone CAN sing but it is equally true that not everyone SHOULD sing, even in privacy of their own car. Actually the car is probably the worst place for singing when others are present because there is no escape. I fall into the group who really should refrain from singing. Ever.
Sometimes, however, it is impossible to resist.
If Bruce Springsteen's Born to Run, David Bowie's Young Americans  or just about anything from the Hot August Night, Bat out of Hell or Abba Gold CDs should come on the radio I will be forced to sing and it will be loud.
For these moments I have my own Simon Cowell to remind me of just how lacking in talent I really am. Everyone's a critic.I find myself forced to remind that certain teen judge that he might do well to remember just who it is that pays for his singing lessons and drives Mum's taxi to and from the classes.
It's enough to drive anyone to drink. Hand me a bottle someone.
PS - while the Brisbane City Council rubbish contractor is repeatedly having issues emptying our bins, I promise this is not my collection of empties. There is a glass recycling plant near the river at West End on one of my less regular walking routes.

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