Thursday, February 14, 2013

February 14. Day 45. Love is ...

Yes, it's soppy, sappy and sentimental but I totally heart Valentine's Day.
Even though it is a Hallmark Occasion of the highest order, I can't see any a problem with taking the opportunity to tell our nearest and dearest how much we love them.
So I admit to being in the City today with the purpose of finding myself a public display of affection. I was thinking roses, balloons, kisses or cuddles.
I was not expecting seeing a bride hoiking up her wedding dress and charging down the mall with a photographer and the groom in tow.
What else is a girl to do but follow them?
I finally caught up with Jessie and David at the Albert Street Uniting Church where they were posing for photographs.
Now it has to be said that Church is one of Brisbane's prettiest and I know that there is fierce competition to secure it for weddings.
So perhaps I shouldn't have been surprised that our Valentine's Day couple would want their lasting memories at that church.
What is surprising is that Jessie and David were married at the Registry Office and the church was merely a backdrop. There was a bit of surprise but a friendly wave from the couple who had just exchanged vows in the church when the second bride and groom rocked up.
But it's Valentine's Day and there's enough love to go round. And given I got engaged on Valentine's Day, I might raise an eyebrow but I'm sure not complaining. I wish both couples the very best of luck.


  1. great photos! Giggling at the bride's sensible running shoes too :)

  2. Wow love her dress. What a lovely Valentine's post.
    My husband proposed to me with my fairytale ring on Valentine's too.

  3. Congratulations on another Valentine's Day engagement, there seems to be a few of us.